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Nic Humphries

Senior Partner and Executive Chairman at Hg


Bio - Tell us a bit about yourself.: Nic is Senior Partner and Executive Chairman of Hg with ultimate responsibility for Hg's strategy, management and governance. He personally focuses on larger software investments that provide daily-use mission critical applications for accountants, lawyers, tax/compliance professionals and designers/engineers/scientists, sitting on the boards of IRIS, Benevity and Visma.

Nic started his investing career in 1990 and over the last 30 years, he has led or co-led more than 30 investments in technology and software companies. He joined Hg in 2001 as founder of the firm's Technology Team. From 1990-2001 he was a director at Barclays Private Equity (now Equistone), Geocapital and 3i plc.

Nic has been a champion of the LGBTQ+ strand of Hg's D&I activities and lends enthusiastic support to all of the D&I Team's initiatives. His year-round encouragement has seen company-wide education on LGBTQ+ issues, most recently a webinar on gender fluidity.

He holds a first class degree in Electronic Engineering and was a IEEE and National Engineering Council scholar. He is a World Fellow of the Duke of Edinburgh Awards and supporter of The Royal Foundation, Impetus and The Nature Conservancy.