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Wesley Dow

EA at Bain Capital


Bio: Wesley is an Executive Assistant in the Portfolio team at Hg, where he supports the head of Growth, the head of Engagement as well as the head of the Portfolio Team. Wesley also co-runs the LGBTQ+ subgroup of Hg's diversity & inclusion steering committee and has recently become a mental health first aider.

Wesley has over eight years international experience in support roles under his belt and has been with Hg for over 2 years now. He enjoyed working and travelling around the world, living for long stretches in Alaska, Australia and China.

For Wesley, diversity highlights the beauty in the world, and through encouraging and embracing diversity, we can achieve greater success. Diverse thinking, different perspectives and ensuring that everyone feels valued all contribute to personal wellbeing and business success.

The mission of the D&I Steering Group is to lay the foundations for a fully inclusive culture and environment at Hg, where all diversity is welcomed, encouraged and celebrated. They will not settle until everyone can bring their best and whole self to work.

At Hg… They Listen. They Learn. They Champion. …because they want the best.

Wesley comments: "Growing up in a world with Section 28, I feel it's really important to represent the wider world in every kind of space. The first part of that is opening up the conversation; listening to others and learning from their experiences in a non-judgemental way. Don't be afraid of getting it wrong.

Diversity should always be celebrated. It is our differences, when brought together that make us stronger and lead us to create incredible things."