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Nidhi Satish

Associate Director – Client Servicing at Fidelity International


Bio: Nidhi Satish works as an Associate Director in the Client Servicing Department at Fidelity International, providing services to the Institutional, Private Banking and Wholesale Clients located in the APAC region. She has been with Fidelity for 17 years and has worked in India, UK and Hong Kong offices during her career span. Nidhi is also the Global Chair for the Fidelity's grassroots employee led D&I network called Fidelity For Everyone' and also leads the APAC Women's network.

She has also volunteered to be the Sustainability Ambassador and has been engaged with the various CSR initiatives in the past. During the Black Lives Matter movement last year, Nidhi along with a few other colleagues, compiled and launched the Talking about Race at work toolkit', which talks about how to handle sensitive conversations related to race and culture at the workplace.

Being passionate about the D&I agenda, Nidhi established the F4E committees in 6 offices across the APAC region and has kicked off a number of events, including the first LGBT+ talk in the Hong Kong office, with an objective to bring employees together and raise awareness to LGBT+ inclusion. Consistently encouraging LGBT+ colleagues to share openly and listen to their personal stories of the challenges faced, as well as overcoming them, motivated Nidhi to support the LGBT+ community and to increase awareness.

LGBT+ is one of the priority D&I strands for Fidelity International with a public commitment statement launched in 2020. This has helped to embed LGBT+ inclusion among the Fidelity employees and LGBT+ community.

Nidhi comments: "As an LGBT+ Ally, I feel like I am fulfilling the role of being a good citizen and a community person. I strongly believe that a community belongs equally to everyone who form part of it and everyone should be made to feel comfortable whether it is at our workplace or our society. It should be our obligation and duty to stand up for others who are not being treated equally or being marginalized in some way. We only truly progress when others around us also feel equally empowered, till then it is only a journey".