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Daniel Penaloza

Fidelity International


Bio: Daniel is Senior Legal Counsel at Fidelity International based in Dublin. Daniel has worked at Fidelity for 7 years and has prior experience in litigation, regulatory matters, government relations and financial services. In addition to his legal role, Daniel also chairs Fidelity for Everyone Ireland, which is Fidelity's local grass root network.

For Daniel, inclusion is about traversing the global landscape - exploring, observing, learning, and breathing in the world's inspiration. It's about celebrating the global community and expressing every facet of the human experience. With the daily discourse continually mired down by the weight of division, Daniel searches for a freedom that exists outside of the limited worlds we've created out of fear and stubbornness − choosing to look at the world through a kaleidoscope full of colours, angles, and new perspectives.

As our society matures into a more diverse portrait of itself, Daniel welcomes the innovation that this diversity brings to the workplace. As someone always in search of ways to improve and develop himself, he values the challenge that accompanies exchanging ideas with those from different backgrounds. In a Socratic sense, he believes in the value of discourse and challenging ideas, beliefs, understanding, and practices. It's an exercise in personal and mental development that allows for the distillation of truth in a way that's non-existent in homogenous environments.

This world is small, our offices are even smaller, so Daniel wants to make sure he is a respite of safety to anyone he encounters regardless of race, gender identity, religion, social background or sexual orientation. Having grown up in a very conservative society, Daniel witnessed discrimination and homo/transphobia in school, and nearly every social and family setting.

Daniel comments: "I want to ensure that any space I am a part of is a space that is inclusive to everyone; that no one is forced to "cover" who they are for the sake of survival." While all the concepts of social equity seem complicated, Daniel keeps it simple: everyone deserves the right to happiness, respect, and dignity.