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Allan Pelvang

Head of Bermuda and General Counsel at Fidelity International


Bio: Allan Pelvang is General Counsel and Country Head of the Bermuda Office at Fidelity where he has worked since 1994. Allan is a Danish citizen and he received a Masters of Law degree from the University of Copenhagen in 1989. Allan is a board member and trustee of more than 30 companies and Foundations within the FIL Group and associated portfolio companies. He is Vice-Chair of the Association of Bermuda International Companies and formerly a director of the Bermuda Development Agency.

Allan is also a committed sponsor of Fidelity's diversity and inclusion agenda and also a key sponsor of the LGBT+ committee. In 2019, he played a key part in Fidelity celebrating Pride in Bermuda and he regularly supports by helping with internal events and awareness building initiatives. Allan is also working to secure more representation of visible allies across Fidelity International's employee population in Bermuda.

He comments: "Fidelity is proud to celebrate Pride here in Bermuda and I am personally delighted to support as executive sponsor. Being an active and committed sponsor and supporter of Fidelity's LGBT+ agenda is the least I can do personally to help ensure fundamental fairness is afforded everyone within our firm and the communities we are a part of. I am excited about the progress made and even more excited about a future where diversity, choice and inclusiveness is available to everyone everywhere. Visibility is important in locations where not everyone receives the same level of equality and acceptance. This is why I am proud to support LGBT Great's campaign."