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Fox Moody

Risk Manager at Fidelity International


Bio: Fox is a Technical Lead within the Client Services Risk Management team at Fidelity in the UK and is responsible for supporting retail and institutional investment clients. Fox believes that gender identity is on a spectrum but prefers to primarily continue using personal pronouns she/her, and also goes by the gender-neutral name Fox. She works collaboratively with colleagues to provide a seamless service to clients and advisors across the organisation. Fox originally joined Fidelity in 2017 in a different role within client services where her passion for risk was soon discovered.

Prior to Fidelity, Fox achieved a degree in Animal Biology from the University of Gloucestershire and in 2019, her final study was published in an online Biology Journal. She worked in client services and sales within an entirely different industry for ten years before finding her place in the world of finance. She identifies as bisexual, expresses her gender as female/neutral and for many years struggled with her identity at work until she joined Fidelity. She sees full value of role models at work which contribute towards to creating an environment where everyone can feel included. Having left her previous job in part because of the difficulty she faced after coming out in the workplace, she was very hesitant to encounter the same experience at Fidelity. The support of the leader of the Fidelity LGBT+ Strand and then the committee members was invaluable in helping her feel comfortable and safe in not only coming out, but also to thrive as an LGBT+ employee.

Since joining the firm, Fox was first prompted to join the LGBT+ employee network when she saw an invite as part of a company-wide invitation. Fox has gone on to lead the UK network and helps others by being visible, contributing to the overall momentum of the network and supporting LGBT+ colleagues. She was part of the small committee who organised Fidelity's appearance in the London Pride Parade 2019 and assists with the sign-up rallies for new members to join and expand the network. Fox has published an intersectional zine to celebrate LGBT+ inclusion with an intersectional approach, with a special global edition to mark Pride with submissions from colleagues in Ireland, India, Taiwan and Australia.

Fox is proud to work for Fidelity, who she describes as: "an incredible organisation that supports the LGBT+ community and where all people are celebrated". Fidelity was one of LGBT Great's first five member firms and Fox is proud she has been chosen to be a Project 1000 Role Model on behalf of the firm.