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Blake Mason

Business Analyst at Equiniti Group


Bio - Tell us a bit about yourself.: Blake Mason is a successful Business Analyst at Equiniti Group, a retail and commercial financial services firm based in UK - with operations in India, USA and Netherlands. Blake has worked in all Equiniti's jurisdictions and has been energetic in progressing primarily regulatory initiatives over the last 2 years.

Prior to working with Equiniti Group, Blake worked as an independent consultant for large European Banks and also worked for Asset Managers and Investment Banks. In all roles, Blake has been a vocal advocate of LGBT issues and has been lucky to be associated with employers who have actively supported LGBT diversity & inclusion. Blake believes in the importance of bringing your whole self into work.

As co-chair of EQUALITI, Equiniti's LGBTQ network, Blake has been actively involved in the growth of the company's LGBTQ network which has fostered a supportive environment for fellow LGBTQ colleagues. Blake is an outspoken and proactive promoter, through all levels of the company, of Diversity & Inclusion in Equiniti's very receptive corporate landscape. Throughout the time as co-chair, Blake has overseen Equiniti's first involvement in a Pride event, Trans Awareness publicity & events, corporate involvement in Stonewalls' Diversity Champion programme, D&I policy initiatives as well as assisting in setting the underpinning structure for the network.

Blake originally hales from Sydney, Australia. He has lived in London, UK (on and off) for over 14 years and enjoys travelling and the theatre. Blake has an adorable and spoilt schnauzer named Sparx.