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Jared Tiller

VP, Business Management at Equilend


Bio - Tell us a bit about yourself.: Jared Tiller works in business management for EquiLend, and is based in New York. Jared has also been a member of EquiLend's D&I Committee since its creation in 2019. Jared's career has seen him work in various banks and asset managers, including Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch.

For Jared, inclusion is important because it enables people to focus on their jobs and not have any additional stress of having to hide or cover themselves for fear of judgement. He has seen and experienced workplaces that aren't inclusive before, and it makes a stark difference to see clear signs of support.

At Equilend, Jared comments on the support and endorsement from the company, who actively work to enable employee diversity efforts. Last year, Jared was involved in raising money through Cycle for the Cause, a charity initiative, and a huge amount of people from EquiLend got behind the cause; if it weren't an inclusive workplace, it would have been much more difficult for something like that to take place.

Jared says: "It's so important for us all to be good allies. We never know who is watching and learning from our behaviour, whether at work or at home, so it's vital to be visible and open in your support of others.

That way, we can help people to feel like they can just focus on being themselves, and not be distracted by fear of judgement."