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Reace Novello

Public Relationship Executive at Chartered Insurance Institute


Bio: Reece grew up in rural Devon before moving to Brighton for University where he read for a degree in International Politics, and has been working in Public Relations within the Finance sector since moving to London.

He feels it is important to establish visible role models within all financial services to help uncoil the false narrative of the finance professional as coming from one small social group. He comments: "Early in my career I had a boss advise me, with earnest intent, that I should learn to better conceal my being gay if I hope to be successful. Whilst it was sad to hear this, it was sadder still to know that, for some people, even if a smaller amount than 20, 10, or even 5 years ago, it is probably true."

Reece adds: "The organisation for which I work now, the Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), places a lot of emphasis on the importance of bringing ones authentic self to the work place, as the CII purports that it is in feeling safe and free to be ourselves that we are able to achieve our own full potential." For this reason, CII has put together an internal LGBT+ advocates group, which includes an ally's commitment, to which many colleagues have signed up. This has been a positive initiative as in making a declaration to support an inclusive workplace, the question of whether or not one is welcome is negated with an implicit answer.

Reece thinks increasing the visibility of a diverse and vibrant sector is to the benefit of everyone within it, because he believes we all are diverse by the nature of our human condition. This is why he feels that initiatives such as LGBT+ Great are important and valuable, both for the sector as a whole, and the people within it.