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Silas Spencer

Client Relationship Manager at Charles River Development


Bio: Silas Spencer has been working in the Fintech sector since moving to London in 1996. With degrees in Languages and Political Economy, he put his background to work as a Sales and Account Manager at Bloomberg, and now as a Client Relationship Manager at Charles River Development. In both roles, he has been responsible for Asset Manager clients based in London and across continental Europe.

When living in Paris in the 1990s Silas was a member of Act-Up. Later he enjoyed 10 years of playing for a London gay basketball team. Most recently he's become active with Food Cycle, which provides community-based meals to those in need.

Silas feels strongly that being out is a fundamental personal and political act. A key to living an authentic life, being out brings benefits to the workplace, making relationships with clients and colleagues more genuine and meaningful. By participating in LGBT Great, he hopes to contribute to a more open environment in the industry.