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Georgia Pritchard

Cost Accountant at Brooks Macdonald


Bio: Georgia is Assistant Cost Accountant in the Core Accounting Team at Brooks Macdonald Asset Management. She has worked at Brooks Macdonald for just over three years and works as part of the Finance department, where she manages the cost side of the business, dealing with fixed and intangible assets, expenses, depreciation and amortisation, as well as assisting in compiling the year end financial statements and working on the company's audit.

When Georgia graduated from university she worked in insurance before joining Brooks Macdonald.

Georgia feels that Brooks Macdonald has a great culture and that their attitude is one of openness, acceptance and a willingness to learn. Georgia is a big advocate of encouraging colleagues to engage in diversity, inclusion and equality, and is an active member of the firm's inclusion committee.

LGBT+ diversity and inclusion is really important to Georgia. One of her first memories at school was a friend who had two mums and how normalised that was, and she hopes that these non-traditional family units will continue to become more widely accepted and recognised. Georgia got involved with the LGBT+ agenda at work through the educational interventions provided by Brooks Macdonald and LGBT Great. She believes that creating safe spaces for learning conversations to happen is a key part of inspiring allyship and normalising making mistakes, which is part of the learning process.

Georgia comments: "LGBT+ inclusion is something that everyone should get involved in, the history is so powerful and we must learn from it. The more open and diverse we can be, the better people and more successful an organisation we will become".