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Jacqui Henson

Assistant Marketing & Business Development Manager at Brooks Macdonald


Jacqui joined Brooks Macdonald in 2018 and is currently a Marketing & Business Development Manager. She began working in financial services in 2014 and was swiftly able to recognise the strides that need to be taken towards greater, ingrained diversity and inclusion throughout the industry. Having witnessed microaggressions as well as phobic language being used in professional and social environments alike, it became evident to her that the repercussions of heteronormativity were ubiquitous.

As an ardent believer that everyone should be able to bring their whole, authentic selves to work without fear of judgement or prejudice, Jacqui acts as a champion for Brooks Macdonald's D&I committee, contributing insights and ideas towards initiatives to help the company foster a culture of inclusivity that celebrates diversity without othering' perceived minorities.

With the introduction of Gender Pay Gap reporting, Jacqui acknowledged that the industry is taking steps towards remedying and accepting accountability for the disparity of gender diversity in client-facing and senior management roles. Nonetheless, more significant cognisance of intersectionality is required; those in communities of perceived minorities, and the challenges they face, do not exist in spheres of exclusivity.

Jacqui states "There is no place for passivity when it comes to addressing and eradicating discriminatory behaviour. We should not be striving for tolerance, or even just acceptance, but rather aspiring to create environments that embrace the strength in our differences and the wealth of diversity."

Outside of work, Jacqui enthusiastically develops her research and self-education through reading non-fiction literature, as well as attending talks and open forums with like-minded individuals. She seeks to encourage her peers to engage in meaningful conversations, and amplify the voices that should be heard, through sharing extracts of impactful books via social media.
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