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Thomas Hale

Director at Blackrock


Bio: Tom Hale, is a Director at BlackRock Asset Management. Currently leading the development of new ETF's in Europe for the firms iShares business, based in London. He has been working in the asset management for the past 10 years focused on product development, executive engagement, policy making, sales, client servicing and strategy.

Tom believes by sharing the lessons and insights role models have gained on their personal journeys, we all benefit from that kind of inspiration and guidance. Plus, put simply: seeing is believing. When you see someone that is like you achieve a goal, it becomes much easier to believe that the same successful path is possible for you, too. It could be a young boy dreaming of what he will be when he grows up, or a graduate starting off her career, or a junior manager aspiring to reach the senior executive level — they will all set their sights higher when they have someone to look up to. So, if you think of these success stories as nothing more than entertainment, it's time to look again; they are powerful tools in the push for equality.