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Amit Singh

Head of Inclusion, Diversity & Engagement at AXA Investment Managers


Bio: Amit is the Head of Inclusion, Diversity and Engagement at AXA Investment Managers in London. Prior to this role Amit was the Head of HR for Asia and Japan at AXA Investment Managers. In this Hong Kong based role, he works closely with senior managers across the region and global HR teams to express new ideas and suggest solutions, considering budget limitations and the company culture. Apart from providing daily HR guidance, his role is responsible to resolve complex organizational and employee relations issues in this key growth market.
Prior to joining AXA Investment Managers, Amit worked at Deutsche Post DHL Group for 10 years across all its main business lines and five different countries. During his time at DHL, he supported the creation of the first business case for diversity where LGBT+ was one of the five pillars of the strategy. Amit also led the creation of a Transgender Employment Policy to support the creation of a more inclusive workplace for transgender employees. Amit grew up in India where he struggled to come to terms with his sexuality due to a lack of visibility for asexuality and the stigma associated with the broader LGBT+ community. A chance discovery of an online asexual network at the age of 30 years helped Amit to discover and fully accept himself. The lack of visibility and role models within the asexual spectrum is a major impediment towards acceptance of this silent minority. Amit is incredibly passionate about human rights and social justice. His first foray into the corporate world was joining the global HR team for a corporate entity, creating a business case for diversity by understanding the business inside out. In 2014, whilst based in Singapore, he created the first LGBT+ Policy for the business. Amit’s biggest goal for the next 12 months is to create an environment where people feel free and comfortable to come out as there is still not an openly LGBT+ employee in the APAC region.
“I am delighted to be recognised as an LGBT Great Role Model to raise awareness and normalise the conversation of LGBT+ identities so we can empower our employees to support the agenda and our colleagues globally”.