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Cindy Liu

Asia CFO at AXA Investment Managers


Bio: In 2011 Cindy joined AXA IM as Chief Financial Officer for Asia, based in Hong Kong. Working as a professional certified accountant for more than 25 years, Cindy started her career as a junior accountant and progressed quickly to become a partner of a mid-size CPA firm in New York City. From then, she started working as a Finance specialist and started her life in Investment banking including Morgan Stanley, RBS and Nomura.

As CFO for Asia she oversees all rounded accounting and finance functions on financial planning and strategies for the entire Asia region. In addition of the new COO Japan function, she oversights governance and work with various functions between Japan, Asia and other offices. Cindy is firmly committed to diversity and is a proud ally to the LGBT+ community.

Cindy comments: "A vital part of my role is working with various countries and different people around the world. I believe in giving everyone a fair chance, respect, and making sure everyone is engaged - these are all crucial at work and necessary to drive our success. For constructive challenges and innovation to flourish, building a diverse and inclusive environment is key."

She adds: "I am so proud to be an LGBT Great Top 100 Executive Ally and I encourage everyone within our firm to be bold and be your true-self. AXA Investment Managers is delighted to support our LGBT+ colleagues and the community and we are delighted to support this fantastic initiative. I encourage all organisations to support LGBT+ inclusion and I am so proud to work for AXA Investment Managers and the progress we have made to support our LGBT+ friends, family and colleagues."