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Michael Browning

Head of digital and marketing services at Artemis Fund Managers


Bio: Michael joined Artemis Fund Managers in 2012 as head of digital and marketing services. He qualified as a chartered accountant before working for Bank of Scotland, then helping build a digital agency from start-up to part of the Engine Group of marketing companies. Much of his agency experience was managing accounts for large financial services companies, and he has particular interests in digital usability, accessibility, information architecture and the written word.

He came out over 25 years ago at a time when talking about anything LGBT-related in the workplace was not the done thing' and has been a strong advocate ever since for being able to be out, proud and vocal in the work environment. Michael comments: "Particularly in the agency world, I worked with a very diverse bunch of people - creatives, developers, project managers, designers, all of different backgrounds, talents, nationalities, experience, creeds, sexualities, colours, etc. It made me realise that it's the bringing together of a broad mix of people that really makes the workplace buzz and makes businesses fun, exciting and ultimately successful."

At Artemis, he looks after the firm's digital and publishing team within marketing, including email, social, client reporting, print and presentations. He is a member of Artemis' diversity and inclusion group, championing LGBT+ within the business.
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