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Charlotte Phillips-Lynn

D&I Partner at Seccl


Bio: Charlotte is a senior operations analyst at Seccl, specialising in the dividends and corporate actions sector. After finishing college, they started working in a contact centre for a life and pensions provider - after always saying they would never work in an office or on the phone, this has been a current theme in their career so far. As Charlotte moved up within the company and onto the next one, their role centred around system migration projects and diving deeper into more technical roles within the industry.

As a Dividends and corporate actions specialist, they are responsible for paying clients these dividends within a regulated timescale. In addition, they're also merging funds, paying out capital and broadcasting information. Heading up the current team of just themselves, it's a constant learning curve and opportunity to thrive within this space. At weekends, they are found by a rugby pitch, plane spotting or spending time with their wife and cat! Other interests also involve just learning and absorbing any information they can, on topics that interest them.

Charlotte originally started working in a contact centre for a life and pensions company. They always said that they never wanted to work in an office on the phone and that was my first job. It taught them a lot, customer focused and also they then started finding the industry really interesting. As they moved up within that company and onto the next one, they started to get involved with tech migration/transformation projects and dive deeper into the industry with much more technical aspects in terms of the product.

Charlotte comments that:

"I identify as non-binary, and my beliefs of having equality for all are strong - I am lucky that I am now working for an inclusive employer, but unfortunately not everyone does. I support LGBT+ owned business and have an Instagram page which highlights/celebrates all things Queer. There was a survey completed a few months ago to assess the level of representation. This concluded that LGBT+ representation is low, or, and invisible.

I am proud to work for my employer because this is the first company where I can feel like I am truly me. My employer is inclusive, and they are working hard on ensuring that our diversity is where it needs to be. We had our first pride event earlier in the summer and for new people joining it was great as they knew they are accepted as part of the seccl family.

I am proud to be a Project 1000 Role Model because I want to empower other people in the LGBT+ space to feel like they can be themselves at work. I am proud to be with an employer who sees me for me, and not just the diversity tick box. I always would look for someone I could relate to and look up to or that's someone like me, visible and present', I want to be that person for younger me, and you".