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James Hughes

Partner at Lane Clark & Peacock


Bio: Joining in 1995, James is a Partner in LCP's actuarial team and advises trustees and companies on managing their pension arrangements - he finds simple cost-effective solutions to the complex problems they face. He is also a partner champion for diversity and inclusion and supports efforts across many different dimensions including LGBT+.

James went to a comprehensive secondary school in Stevenage before studying sports science and maths at Loughborough University. After university he originally completed a temporary contract within an insurance company before joining LCP a year later. When he joined, the firm was much smaller than it is today and he worked directly with the senior partners, who he saw as role models. This provided James with the belief that visibility of those around you, and mentoring, is vital, in inspiring others.

James is a big sports fan and enjoys cycling, running, circuits and golf. He also likes going to various sporting events and music festivals.

James' first motivation was to support D&I generally and he wanted to be visible and make a difference. He believes that everyone should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential at LCP and that there should be no barriers. He joined the LGBT+ network to educate himself and provide his support. Since then, James has been working to be a more active ally - publicising and attending networking events and encouraging his team to engage.

James comments that:

"I am proud to be a Project 1000 role model because I very strongly believe in the power of diversity, in the workplace and beyond - it is the right thing to do, the fun thing to do and for businesses the smart thing to do. I hope that by being a Project 1000 role model I can increase the visibility of my allyship, create opportunities for more people and ensure my colleagues are comfortable being themselves at work.

We are taking real actions to change things for the better, not just paying lip service - for example, in the LGBT+ area, the introduction of our Recognising Gender Identity policy earlier this year. We have made great strides with gender equality over recent years and I firmly believe that the focus we are now applying to D&I in the multicultural and LGBT+ areas will see similar progress there too. Ultimately this will mean us providing genuine and rewarding opportunities to people of all backgrounds. This is exactly what we should be doing as a strong, successful firm with a fantastic opportunity to benefit society".