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Kayla Vaccaro

Executive Assistant to the Head of HR and HR Team at Legal & General


Bio: Kayla has been an Executive Assistant for Investment Management companies in Chicago, IL since 2017. Years prior, she worked for a General Contractor in Connecticut and a Moving & Storage company in New York City.

Kayla was born and raised in New York, just north of New York City. She graduated college with a Sociology Degree; wrote her senior thesis on Pitbull’s and how they are racially stigmatized like people. She lived in New York and Stamford, CT for a time as well. Kayla started her career as a Receptionist; in 6 months’ time she was promoted to an administrative role which gave her more responsibility in the firm. She had found her niche in PowerPoint and organization which helped her over the years work for CEO’s, CFO’s, and Global COO’s.

Outside of work, Kayla loves playing as well as watching soccer, going to concerts of all genres, traveling, and volunteering at Humane Societies walking - running dogs.

Kayla is passionate about LGBT+ equality and is a member of the community:

“Earlier in my career I had to deal with colleagues treating me differently due to that fact that I am gay. I started keeping it to myself at the workplace; not sharing any of my personal business which made me always feel that I had to put on a front. Having delt with some difficulties over the years I have always looked to support LGBT+ equality and inclusion.

I am very proud to be working for LGIM America because I have always felt fully accepted as a person first and foremost. The environment and culture of everyone is infectiously positive and collaborative over the teams. I felt very comfortable the moment I was hired in 2019 that, I spoke out in a new hire orientation and this is the first time I was fully open and honest with myself at my job. Not a single person made a face or a comment about it, almost as if what I said was a common topic being discussed; a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders at that moment for me.

I am proud to be a Project 1000 Role Model because I want to be an advocate to those who might not fully feel open to express themselves at the workplace or in general. In my mind, the best way to help others is to lead by example which is my goal with this Project 1000 Role Model”.