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Zero Yiu

Co-Head of IT User Services at Allianz Global Investors


Bio: Zero joined Allianz Global Investors in 2013 and her current role is the co-head of IT user services. Zero understands that providing a stable and customer centric IT services is the most valuable asset an organisation can have. To achieve this, she believes that a strong team work is essential. She creates a working environment which respects individuality and embraces diversity, so every teammate can work closely together and live up their full potential.

Zero grew up in Hong Kong and had a bachelor’s degree in Cinema & Television, then obtained her master’s degree in Cultural Studies while the studies on gender and sexual identities were her key research areas. During her academic years, she has published research papers on gender and sexuality. Moreover, with her expertise in this area, she took some key roles in some LGBT+ education project commissioned by the government. For example, she participated in the production of the first ever LGBT+ educational kit in Hong Kong. She was also an adviser of a project helping LGBT+ teenagers accepting their sexual orientations.

When she isn’t glued to a computer screen, Zero also actively participated in the organisation of LGBT+ events in Hong Kong. She is the master of ceremony for Hong Kong Pride Parade since it first occurrence in 2008. Through all these years, she witnessed the annual match grows from just hundred participants, to more than 12,000 matchers. She is happy to see that the event brought increasingly number of LGBT+ individuals out of their closets, and it raised awareness and mass supports to LGBT+ rights.

The LGBT+ work stream in AllianzGI was setup in early 2018, and Zero has been an active member since then. She is dedicated to promoting LGBT+ inclusiveness in her company.

Zero comments that:

“I am proud to be a Project 1000 Role Model because I believe in love and equality. I want to let my colleagues and friends to feel confident and comfortable in bringing their whole selves to work. I am thrilled to play a part in creating a colourful and inclusive workplace environment."