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Mark Fanagan-Okah

Associate Director - Institutional Business Development Support at Fidelity International


Bio: Mark is a Associate Director in the Institutional Business Development Support Team at Fidelity International based in Dublin. Mark was the Fidelity's representative & community engagement lead for the financial services inclusion network (FuSIoN) in Ireland for more than a year. He is currently the Global Co LGBT Network lead for Fidelity International Everyone employee network in Dublin.

Mark believes when the leadership of a company advocates support for D&I, it empowers people to promote the D&I principals, generate D&I ideas, lead events, etc. by giving them the confidence that they will be supported. In Mark's 7 years at Fidelity International he has witnessed a huge effort by both local & global leadership teams to promote diversity & inclusion as a business priority. The results are clearly evident through the amazing initiatives that are delivered each year locally & globally that help to educate people and create awareness across all levels and all cultures.

Mark says "The key to inclusion is through awareness, the message can be shared in books, training courses and communications but importantly it needs to come from lived experiences too. As our society becomes more diverse, people who never needed to think about inclusion are awakening up to the idea. Difference and change can be uncomfortable for some but I believe it is up to those who passionately believe in inclusion to help bring people along the journey. We may not always agree but maintaining open dialogue is crucial for the message to succeed".
Mentor Availability: Available
Location: Dublin, Ireland
Experience Level: Associate Director
Areas of Expertise: Capital Markets, Communication, Data Management, Economics. Investments, People Management, Problem Solving, Project Management, Stakeholder Management
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