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Emma Palethorpe

Queen of all she surveys at St. James's Place


Bio: Hi, I'm Emma Palethorpe and I'm Head of Change (Asia) for St. James's Place, delivering business change to support our strategy overseas. I'm also co-chair of our LGBT+ network, SJPride.

As a member of the LGBT+ community myself, I've seen first-hand how damaging it can be not bringing your whole self to work. I started my career in the 90s and I've worked mostly in the city for blue chip organisations. When I was younger, I buried parts of me in order to fit in. I'm glad that's now behind me and I can just be myself at work.

St. James's Place is a people-focused organisation so it's not just about the role you perform, but who you are as a person, and what you bring to the team. Those things that might exclude you aren't a challenge and I feel able to express myself fully.

Being the best version of ourselves at work is something we should all strive for and as we continue down our road to improve inclusion and diversity, I hope that my example will give others the confidence to bring their whole selves to work. I'm passionate about what we're doing here at St James's Place and feel privileged to be able to use my skills to help create a workplace where difference is seen as a strength and everyone can reach their potential.
Mentor Availability: Unavailable
Location: Cheltenham, England
Experience Level: Head of Department
Areas of Expertise: Change Management, Diversity & Inclusion, Programme/Portfolio/Project Delivery, Strategy Development & Planning
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