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Garyn J

Senior Analyst at Fidelity International


Bio - Tell us a bit about yourself.: I work in Procurement where I am responsible for onboarding the suppliers onto the system. I have been working for Fidelity for the last year.
I'm a proud member and an active ally for the LGBT+ community. I am an active member of the LGBT+ strand in my organisation and as the non-binary lead, I have supported heavily with trans and non-binary inclusion by writing articles, hosting webinars and actively speaking about issues faced by the trans and non-binary communities in workplaces.
I also think it is so important to support queer owned charities and shelters which is why I have been part of initiatives to donate towards places like this.
I'm a proud role model because I exhibit positive behaviour - I have demonstrated kindness and empathy towards my colleagues. I celebrate diversity and embrace the differences.