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Grace Keppel

Financial Adviser at New Forest Wealth Management


Bio: Grace is a financial adviser working between London, Brighton and The New Forest. They work with LGBT+ people who are looking for financial advise that is accessible and relevant to them. Grace hopes to bring more education and information about financial options into queer communities and help people understand and be able to trust the industry.

Grace also hopes to be able to inspire more people to join the industry professionally, by raising awareness of LGBT issues to providers and platforms. They recently were awarded a Financial Times Diversity award for their work in this area.
By refusing to not stop talking about the issues LGBTQ+ people face when searching for relevant and accessible financial advice. By being actively involved within an industry, I can use my experience to change the processes and protocols from within an organisation.
My mission of creating advice which is accessible and relevant to all is not exclusive to LGBT+ issues. I also focus on offering advice for working class people and young people.
We need visible role models to help us feel wanted in a space. Thoughts from a wide range of backgrounds is important to ensure the industry serves society as a whole, not just the needs of those at the top of the industry.
I am most proud of the individual lives I change through my advice, particularly around financial education.
LGBT Great is a fantastic organisation that has given me so much support over the years. I hope to be able to give back in the same way they have given to me.