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Joshua Rowland-Bucknall

Governance & Analytics Manager at Aon


Bio: Josh joined Aon in 2012 through the Early Careers route, one of 11 apprentices on Aon UK’s first apprenticeship cohort. Whilst heading to university had been an option for Josh, the two-fold increase in tuition fees prompted him to seek alternate routes after college. The apprenticeship provided an opportunity to gain Chartered Institute of Insurance qualifications, whilst also becoming educated as to the breadth and depth of the professional and financial services worlds.

Across a decade at Aon, Josh has enjoyed various roles through a multitude of teams, with a natural skillset of “finding order” lending itself to operational, regulatory, risk and governance roles. Writing reports, reading external policy statements and assessing internal ecosystems may not be everyone’s “go to” career choice, but it’s a role that he thoroughly enjoys. In these roles, Josh has worked amongst groups of colleagues that have provided support, challenge and enabled an overwhelming sense of empowerment and inclusion.

Outside of the workplace, Josh enjoys spending time with his husband, three animals and eclectic social circles, as well as cooking, classical literature and travelling. Josh’s intrinsic sense of curiosity and intrigue means that every day is a learning opportunity.

Josh comments that:

“For me, coming out at Aon was never a big issue. I was already out when I was at college and I have always been able to bring my authentic self to work. Thankfully, I never felt I had to hide who I was, or not talk about my husband by name, but I am so grateful for the LGBTQ+ people and supporting allies who paved the way for me to be able to do this.

My own freedom was starkly highlighted at an external event that I once attended. A panel speaker – a gay man who was more mature in his career journey – opened up about how he hid his true identity at work for many years before finally coming out. He even went as far as to make up a woman’s name for his partner, rather than being able to be open with his colleagues that he had a male partner. It made me truly realise how fortunate I have been as this has never been my experience during my career and Aon has long been a leader in LGBTQ+ inclusivity.

This is why the work Aon does with diversity and inclusion is so important – it is a commitment to everyone, not just LGBTQ+ colleagues. So many aspects come under the company’s considerations of diversity – mental health, age, the needs of parents and carers and social mobility to name a few – so we don’t have to hide our true selves in the workplace.

Using the platforms that we have to continue to pave the path for true inclusivity is so important. Whether that’s working with senior management to develop Inclusion and Diversity agendas, or continuing to harbour a safe environment for everyone through day to day conversations. Everything we do, no matter how big or how small, counts.”