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Deon Pillaygui lol A

Head of marketing operations at LGIM


Bio: Deon is the Head of Marketing Operation for Legal and General and is a culture carrier and diversity champion working tirelessly to drive LGBT inclusion both internally and in the wider industry with a specific focus on the lived experience of Black and minority ethnic communities.

Deon champions ethnicity and empowers other ethnic minorities through mentoring, free life coaching and industry wide events. As the new Co-Chair of LEGIT-LGIMS overall Inclusion Network, helping drive an inclusive culture. Deon uses his many platforms to drive change for all marginalised communities.

Deon has several notable achievements for his contributions to diversity and inclusion. He is a keynote speaker, sharing his personal experiences to surface racism and LGBT+ issues, and panellist championing diversity and inclusion.

Deon Comments:
"As a business leader, I role model and create a culture of inclusion where diversity, collaboration, and empowerment of and for others is embodied."