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Antony Esposito

Head UK Consultant Relations at Partners Group


Bio: Antony Esposito is Head UK DC Client Solutions and UK Consultant Relations at Partners Group, a leading global private markets firm. He is a member of the firm's Diversity & Inclusion Committee and leads the PG Pride Network. In his role, Antony primarily works with UK investment consultants, professional advisors and pension schemes on their private markets investment allocations. Typically, he works with investment consultants that advise on both DB as well as DC pension schemes.

Antony has worked at Partners Group for over 10 years, initially starting out in the firm's RFP team before moving into the Client Solutions team. Prior to joining Partners Group, Antony worked at UBS Global Asset Management and Pictet Asset Management.
Antony is proud to work for a firm that has inclusion imbedded in its culture and that fosters this culture throughout the entire organisation. As a result of this, Antony has felt comfortable to be out from the moment he joined Partners Group and has never felt singled out or excluded because of his sexuality. He notes that whilst the company signposts their inclusive culture through their policies and celebration of diversity dates, Antony has also noticed the culture of inclusion in the smaller things, like the fact that there was no reaction when he mentioned he had holiday plans with his boyfriend. For him, those smaller acts of inclusion stand out the most. Antony comments: "If people do not feel comfortable bringing their whole selves to work, this has a bearing not only on their mental health and wellbeing, but also on the business decisions they make, as spending time and energy on hiding parts of yourself can be distracting. Supporting inclusion in the workplace benefits not only individuals, but also businesses by allowing people to be more efficient, effective and better at their jobs.
From a personal perspective, growing up in rural Yorkshire in the early 2000s, I have experienced hostile behaviours and attitudes against the LGBT+ Community. I want other people who may possibly be going through something similar, either in the UK or further abroad, to know that there is a positive and welcoming community out there where they don't need to hide. I want to be a strong voice for, and role model to others, because knowing that there are others who are like me and are successful would have meant so much to me when I was younger."