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Francis Louwi Pecadizo

Process Manager at Northern Trust


Bio - Tell us a bit about yourself.: Francis Louwi Pecadizo is a Process Manager at Northern Trust (Philippines) and is NT Manila's PRIDE Business Resource Council 2022 Chairperson. Francis Louwi has established PRIDE organization in previous companies through the years and has been actively organizing and participating in various Pride events, creating safe spaces for members of the LGBT community to connect, share experiences, and receive support through different forums and Pride activities. Additionally, Francis Louwi has established a support network to raise awareness and educate others about LGBT issues and has collaborated with organizations such as PFIP (Philippine Financial Inter-Industry Pride) on promoting equality and acceptance on a broader scale.

Francis Louwi has successfully implemented diversity and inclusion programs within the organization, resulting in increased representation of underrepresented groups, including LGBT individuals, in various departments and leadership positions. With these successful events the BRC gained leadership support for diversity and inclusion efforts, securing budget allocations for initiatives aimed at promoting equity and representation of marginalized groups. Francis Louwi has taken part in different speaking engagements that tackles diversity and inclusions, addressing biases and stereotypes, and promoting a culture of empathy, respect, and allyship. These engagements have resulted in a more inclusive and understanding workplace.

Francis Louwi was nominated this year and trained as part of NT Manila's SOGIE trainers, mentoring not only LGBT individuals but also people that are not part of our community, offering guidance and support to help them achieve personal and professional goals through determining their SOGIE. As an advocate of HIV, Francis Louwi helps to provide sustainable donations to the children of "The Project Red Ribbon", raising awareness on their needs to further help them in their fight for HIVhelp. Francis Louwi is dedicated to spreading awareness about championing inclusivity to all.