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Andrew Grimme

LGBT+ Global Strategy and Initiatives Lead at Fidelity International


Bio - Tell us a bit about yourself.: Andrew is an Associate Director within the Adviser Solutions Proposition, Strategy and Growth Team at Fidelity International based in Surrey in the UK. He has worked at Fidelity on a permanent basis for 2 ½ years after working there twice before as a freelance contractor. He has been married to his husband for 10 years and they have 2 daughters.
Andrew has been a lead within the UK LGBT+ Network for 18 months driving forward the LGBTQ+ agenda within Fidelity, coming up with new and creative ideas to help all staff bring their whole selves to work, to feel comfortable and supported. Andrew is aware that although Fidelity is supportive of all LGBT+ colleagues from the very top of the organisation there is always more to be done at a practical level and he has shown great determination in managing and effecting change from within. Andrew is about to embark on a new role within the LGBT+ strand leading the networks event coordination across the globe and to help shape its future direction.
Andrew comments: ‘Being confident enough to stand up and show who I am is not something 20 years ago I would have ever thought possible, and that is incredibly important to me. If being a role model helps just one other LGBT+ person feel accepted and comfortable about themselves at work then that is a great outcome, if it helps multiple people and builds more momentum then that’s even better. The policies and initiatives that we deliver into our organisations require role models to bring them to life and to underpin them by being visible, being present and being ourselves.’