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Steve Pugh

Client Relationship Support Group Manager at American Century Investments


Bio: Steve Pugh is a Manager of Client Relationship Associates at American Century Investments based in the US. He has a diverse background and has also been part of the US military and Police in Nashville, TN. He studied Management and Human Relations in his bachelor's and went on to do an MBA later. He currently manages a team which supports Financial Consultants in their work providing financial planning and investment advice for high-net-worth clients.

Steve dedicates his success to a strong focus on introspection and self-improvement, and his ability to create trusting and respectful relationships with his team members. When not working, he likes to restore old automobiles and play the guitar, with a strong liking of jazz music. Some of his favourite artists are Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie.

Steve’s motivation to support LGBT+ inclusion and equality come from his time in the military and as a police officer, when he was working with lesbian women and realized the hate and bigotry they faced in society. With more exposure to the community, he realized the extent of this discrimination, and now actively continues to expand his understanding of the struggles of the LGBT+ community.
Steve comments: “I’m proud of how we give back to the world. The Stowers Institute for Medical Research, here in Kansas City, has over a 40% ownership stake in our company. So, a significant portion of our profits each year go to support research toward finding a cure for cancer and other gene-based diseases. I am highly motivated to help our firm succeed as a result of this unique purpose our organization has. Our efforts to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion in the recent years are a point of pride as well. The clear commitment in this area is a real motivator for me.”
“I am proud to be a Project 1000 Role Model because I want to set an example for others that it’s important to love and support all people regardless of their sexuality. And hopefully my willingness to be a role model will motivate someone else to be one. The ultimate goal is to create an organizational culture where differences are not only accepted and respected but celebrated. This would be a truly winning culture.”