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Rachel Toseland

Lifestyle Financial Planner at Simplicity Financial Planning


Bio: Rachel Toseland is a Lifestyle Financial Planner at Simplicity Financial Planning based in the UK. After studying economics from the University of East Anglia, Rachel decided that she wanted a career that would help people understand numbers to empower them financially. She helps people achieve their goals through financial planning and aids them in attaining financial security. She provides advice on pensions, investment, protections, inheritance planning and mortgages.

When not working, Rachel loves all things entertainment, whether its trips to the theatre or simply binging the latest boxset on TV. She also enjoys going to new vegan restaurants and cafes. Her newfound love is Formula 1, and she wants to go watch a live race soon.

Rachel’s passion for LGBT+ equality & inclusion started when she left university to work in the financial sector as a queer person. While her employers were respectful and inclusive, her experience attending regional and national events was alienating with unwanted comments being passed at her. Although she acknowledges the progress that has been made in the financial sector for DE&I, she envisions a more diverse space and wants to help change the industry so LGBT+ people are respected, comfortable and accepted.

Rachel comments:
“Simplicity Financial Planning is a small practice, with only two advisers including myself and two support staff. As an all-female practice, we bring a different perspective to the stereotypical financial adviser, and we truly champion those with different perspective and lived experiences in order to make our service as wide-reaching as we can. We pay close attention to the different financial lives of our LGBT+ clients, for example the financial cost of transitioning or of IVF/surrogacy, and treat these not as experiences on the fringe but as financial goals that are just as crucial and affirming to these clients’ lives as saving for retirement or buying a first home.

As a partner practice of St James’s Place, we feel overwhelming support from them and as a member of their LGBT+ Network, I can feel confident that the company is dedicated to putting in the work and effort to be a more inclusive employer for LGBT+ employees, as well as providing the best possible outcomes for our LGBT+ clients.”

“I am proud to be a Project 1000 Role Model because I know first-hand the importance of LGBT+ inclusion into financial services and the benefit that it can bring from providing new perspectives and views in the industry. As a queer person myself, I want to be part of the change to make this industry a champion of diversity and inclusivity for employees and clients.”