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Alexis Stanishewski

Director- Business Management and Internal Control at BNY Mellon


Bio: Alexis Stanishewski is a Director for Pershing focused on leading strategic initiatives across Pershing Operations, Trading, and India Services based in the US. With 15 years of experience in the financial services industry, Alexis leads complex projects related to risk and regulatory initiatives, tracking efficiencies and cost savings, reporting metrics and trends, and supporting talent across the business. Alexis collaborates with firm resources and reports to executive management on project status and governance. She has previous experience advising and supporting broker-dealer clients on Pershing’s investment advisory platform on product and operational structure.

Alexis earned a BS in Education from West Chester University and an MBA with a concentration in Strategic Management and Finance from the Villanova School of Business. She believes that her success is due to working hard, being a lifetime learner, keeping an open mind, asking questions, and building her network. Her hobbies including travelling and cooking. She has a 6-year-old son whose hobbies have become Alexis’ now. These include playing basketball and surfing.

Alexis is also a mentor in BNY Mellon’s IMPACT business resource group which helps foster a workplace that values and appreciates cultural diversity and differences, placing specific emphasis on the recruitment, retention, and professional development and advancement of multicultural employees. Alexis’ motivation to support LGBT+ inclusion and equality come from a young age, when she learned that laws kept the LGBT+ community from having equal rights. She staunchly believes that everyone should be able to bring their authentic selves everywhere and have equal opportunities. She has been promoting inclusion, calling out microaggressions and focusing on diverse talent in 2022.
Alexis comments: “BNY Mellon cultivated and championed deeply rooted Business Resource Groups such as PRISM, WIN, IMPACT, GENEDGE, and VETNET even before I began my career here. These BRGs allow individuals to have a voice and take action for a cause we are passionate about. They allow individuals with a common passion and purpose to connect across the globe and find allies, and broaden our network. Getting involved in BRGs is also a fantastic way to strengthen our tools and background for career growth. BNY Mellon does not just ‘say’ the right things – we put words into specific goals and actions to continue to increase our diversity and foster an inclusive environment. “
“I am proud to be a Project 1000 Role Model because there is nothing more important than allyship and advocacy. Every individual should feel supported to bring their full self to work and know they are celebrated, respected, and have a journey ahead through which they can make significant impact.”