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Matt Wells

MD, Operations at BNY Mellon


Bio: Matt Wells is the Managing Director, Head of Global Operations for Payments, Treasury, Issuer Services and Markets at BNY Mellon, based in the US. He is responsible for the enterprise-wide services that support clients' global markets, payments, issuer and loan services and treasury services needs. Strategically located across the globe, Matt’s 4,500-strong team—in close partnership with Technology—leverages industry-leading solutions to deliver seamless, around-the-clock coverage for its clients.

Matt’s career in financial services spans more than 20 years, starting when he joined Operations at the Bank of New York in London in 1997. He spent time working in London, New York and Manchester in a wide variety of operations- and technology-focused roles. In 2015, Matt was appointed as Site Executive for Manchester where he was responsible for the overall location strategy, including talent development, employee engagement and workplace excellence. He has been in his current role since 2018, and lives in New York.

Driven by relentless curiosity and a desire to find solutions, Matt has extensive experience in leading and delivering change through enterprise-level strategic projects, organizational restructuring and regulatory compliance. He is equally passionate about people and enjoys helping teams perform their best today while preparing them for the unknowns of tomorrow in this rapidly changing industry.

Outside the office, Matt loves to travel with his husband and experience new places, preferably destinations by the beach with rich cultural history and heritage. He enjoys cooking and experimenting with new hobbies when time permits.

His passion for LGBT+ inclusion and equality come from his staunch belief that everyone should feel safe and comfortable to be their authentic selves. Having spent his early career hiding his identity at work, he wants to support people who are going through something similar and make the experience easier for them.

Matt comments:
“Great strides being made to be properly inclusive with a real focus on the E of DE&I which I am passionate about. BNY Mellon is making this a priority and that makes me proud to be a leader in this company.”

“I am proud to be a Project 1000 Role Model because we can make a difference – nobody should feel uncomfortable or sidelined because of who they are. If being a role model helps just one person then it’s a win for me!”