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Nicholas Chase (he/him)

Snr Infrastructure Project Manager at 7IM


Bio: An IT professional of 30+ years of experience in the delivery of complex IT programmes and projects for FTSE 100 companies, software vendors and service suppliers.

Over recent years I have become an ally to the transgender community, having four experiences across every decade of my working life, and a growing number of close family friends who have are required to engage in such understanding and discussion.
I have worked with several companies and their inclusivity groups to further both mine and their understanding, provide readiness and support for any employee (or family and friend) , that needs to discuss this topic further. This help may have been through the introduction of suitable employee policies to protect an employee, internal process change, culture, management and team understanding. Having recently joined a new city company 7IM and their employee LGBTQ+ committee group, who are equally committed, I hope to aid them on their understanding and self awareness to support those on this journey.
As an ally and sponsor or the Trans community, I have valued their openness on the difficulties faced. I consider this one of my greatest privileges in life. It helped me become a far better, far more understanding person and has allowed me the ability to help a number of people, who at one of their most difficult periods in their life, some have put their total trust in me. However, I won’t stay silent to the injustices dealt to those wishing this journey. The UK has a long way to go to “level up” in this field - from government, medical resources and business to name just a few. It is for that reason I stand as an ally to them, to discuss that these people are the same as you and I, that they have had to live and often hide among us. To us on the outside, we may see a person as male or female and we do that based on looks and our perception of what we have from childhood. What I have learnt as an ally is to look beyond that and see the person they really are, for they are often exceptional with exceptional stories to tell. This is the same with any of the Unity / Inclusivity groups – look beyond what you see physically.