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Dhruv Kishore

Assistant Manager at Fidelity International


Bio: My name is Dhruv Kishore. I am working with Fidelity International since January 2016 and am currently working as an Assistant Manager - Compliance. I hail from New Delhi, India.
I love my food and hanging out with my friends. I am an avid sports enthusiast and although my playing days are over, I still follow many different sports like Football, Cricket, Formula 1, Lawn Tennis, Basketball, Golf, to name a few. I am a crazy Manchester United and Rafael Nadal fan. I am passionate about fitness and workout regularly.
As a person, I consider myself to be dedicated, determined, and disciplined individual (what I call the 3D’s, my strengths).
Since March 2020, I have been following a practice called Nicherin Buddhism, the core of which is striving towards the happiness of one and all. Ever since then, I have been seeking out ways through which I can contribute in whatever small or big way towards doing something for others. When I recently got introduced to the LGTBQ network group within my organisation, I thought this was my good fortune and a path has opened for me where I can work towards the inclusion of LGBTQ community.
I won’t hide any fact in saying that I have only just started my journey as an Ally, but I am more than eager to do my 100% to one day seeing a society where we don’t need to fight for the inclusion but inclusion and equality of everyone becomes a natural behaviour.
I feel that the universe has been kind to me and consider myself privileged. I don’t think being privileged is wrong, but I do believe that all of us who are privileged should do their bit to give back to humanity and I intend to do the same.
I became a LGBTQ ally only very recently. I won’t hide any fact in saying that I have only just started my journey as an Ally. Since joining, owing to my passion and enthusiasm towards being an active Ally, I was selected to be the co-lead of the LGBTQ strand from Fidelity India perspective and assisted Fidelity India to complete the Workplace Equality Index 2022 submission.
I am proud to be a Project 1000 role model because, I truly believe that by being part of this project, we can showcase a united stand towards the inclusion and equality of the LGBTQ community. I know we have come a long way but there is still a long way to go and we need to keep increasing awareness. I remember as kid being unaware or having any knowledge about other genders and thus making mistakes and we need to ensure that there is no lack of education or awareness for the current generation around the inclusion of one and all. I believe the more role models we have, the more visibility we will create and all of this will be a step forward towards the eventual target of having an all inclusive society. I am also a firm believer that just like soul has no gender, so doesn't love and being part of this project is an opportunity for me to express this in every possible. And lastly, I believe this initiative is also a contribution towards the UN's Sustainable Development Goal 5: Gender equality so i am once again proud of being able to contribute towards this also.