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Jules Buet

Apps Development Tech Lead at Citi


Bio - Tell us a bit about yourself.: I am a queer autistic bisexual non-binary nerd. I studied computer science in university and moved for my first role as a Software Engineer for Bloomberg. I quickly grew an interest in the business side of things, rather than just the technical side, which pushed me to move to Citi as a quantitative developer first and as a quantitative analyst now. My day to day involves writing a lot of code and making spreadsheets for model validation.
I am the trans rep for Out in Markets and for the London Pride Network at Citi. Growing up in a very Christian area and going to Catholic school, university was for me the opportunity to come out and become an active member of the LGBT+ community, which I have continued throughout my professional life. Outside of work I am also involved with other charities such as Room for Refugees (I have been housing refugees in my home since 2018) or the London Black Women Project.
After doing all of that I don't have a lot of time left but I try to go open water swimming at least twice a week (yes, even in the middle of winter). It helps me with my mental health and my anxiety.
- working with the design team to make sure facilities in the new re-designed building are trans-inclusive - help other trans folks come out at work and change their name in the system - organise LGBT+ events particularly events relating to trans identities and neurodiversity - participate in 3 reverse mentorship programs as the junior mentor for a senior mentee
I tend to be quite stubborn. The more society pushes back, the more I stand my ground. So with the current discourse around trans folks in the UK, along often with ableism surround autistic trans people, I want to show that I exist and I am happy to be me. My life hasn't always been easy and my teenage years were quite traumatic (Catholic school remember?), but I am now happier than I have ever been. Being accepted as who I am, having been able to successfully transition at work and in my social circles has helped a lot. I want to give that same opportunity to every other LGBT+ person out there: to be their best self. And we can show the world we are not broken or miserable as some would like to believe.