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Elire Benjamin

Senior Social Media Manager at Natixis Investment Managers


Bio - Tell us a bit about yourself.: Elire (she/they) is the head of social media marketing at Natixis Investment Managers in Boston, Massachusetts, where she's worked since Summer 2021. For the previous decade, Elire worked in social media communications and marketing for clients as varied as PUMA, General Motors, and U.S. private bank Brown Brothers Harriman (where she was the organization's first dedicated social media resource in its 200-year history). Throughout, Elire has been a visible and outspoken advocate for LGBTQ+ equity in the workplace.

Elire received her degree in journalism from Boston University in 2011; today she lives in Boston with her partner and three bicycles named after international pop stars Marina Diamandis, Normani Kordei, and Jazmine Sullivan.
As a member of Natixis All Equals, I've been a visible member of the LGBTQ+ community within a traditionally conservative organization, and I've used that visibility and All Equals' institutional, political capital to shine light on issues affecting my queer brothers, sisters, and siblings both in and outside the financial services industry. Through programs like iiBT we've worked to not just discern what our values are re: LGBTQ+ issues in the workplace, but we've pressed those in power to write those values down.
In my career, I've been the sole member of the queer community represented in countless rooms. It's my hope that through LGBT Great's work, I won't be "the first" or "the only"; together we're creating a cadre of visible, positive role models whose numbers are many and whose opinions are heard.