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Nina Cantarino

Fidelity International


Bio: Cait Kavanagh is Head of Supply Chain Sustainability and Diversity at Fidelity International since April 2022. Prior to this she was part of the Corporate Sustainability team at Fidelity, where she supported the Head of Corporate Sustainability in the definition and delivery of Fidelity’s corporate strategy to encompass all ESG aspects across the firm, its behaviours and activities. Today, she is responsible for the development and implementation of the organisation’s Responsible Supply Chain programme, ensuring that principles of sustainability, diversity, equity and inclusion are embedded within the supply chain and align closely with Fidelity’s corporate goals and purpose.
I'm delighted to be a Project 1000 Role Model because being able to be yourself is such a vital part of human dignity and so many of us don't yet feel comfortable to be that. To play a part, however big or small, in changing attitudes and creating safer spaces for everyone to be who they are, is a privilege.