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Grace Keppel

Trainee Financial Adviser at New Forest Wealth Management


Grace is a soon to be appointed Financial Adviser at New Forest Wealth Management, a Senior Partner Practise of St. James’s place. With a place on the St James’s Place Academy, they are taking their exams whilst assisting advisers within their practise. Grace is developing a passion for advising clients with a wide range of needs and untraditional or alternative lifestyles. The complexity of LGBTQ+ lives is something that fascinates Grace, and they hope to bring holistic financial advising to a more diverse set of clients through their own experiences. Investing with an ESG focus is something very important to Grace and they often work with clients who share this viewpoint. With a degree in Anthropology, they are particularly interested in the ‘G’ of ESG, and how we can make a change for good with our investments.

Grace is involved with ‘SJPride’ and feels a community of LGBTQ+ financial advisers is important to show potential recruits that financial services is an industry that welcomes and supports diversity. They are interested in using financial education to inspire young people to not only take control of their finances\ but also look to the industry as a place where they can work professionally. Grace runs local sessions in her community aiming to demystify financial concepts to young adults.
Project 1000, Top 100 2022
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