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Nate Parker

Business and Program Manager, Office of LGBT+ Affairs at JP Morgan Chase & Co


Bio: Nate Parker is the Business and Program Manager for the Office of LGBT+ Affairs at JPMorgan Chase, within the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion organization. Starting his working life in the hospitality and retail industry, Nate joined JPMorgan Chase & Co. in 2005. Since joining, he has worked in various roles including Operations, Human Resources, among others, before joining the Office of LGBT+ Affairs in early 2022.

Nate has been a leader of PRIDE, the firm’s LGBT+ Business Resource Group (BRG), since joining the firm, leading his local Chapter before moving into the Global Development Lead role. He later became the Global Co-Chair in 2010 before joining the firm’s Corporate Diversity Team in a full-time capacity.

In 2022, Nate joined the Office of LGBT+ Affairs, a full-time team dedicated to delivering on the firm’s LGBT+ agenda. Leveraging his long career history of engagement with the LGBT+ community and his global network, his current role drives collaboration across all lines of business of the firm to execute on the Office of LGBT+ Affairs strategy. Nate is responsible for holding stakeholders to account on key objectives and impact metrics, partnering with HR to analyse data and to steer the global strategy based on data gaps and trends. General governance, oversight and administration to maintain the defined operating model round out his role.

Outside of work Nate lives in East London with his fiancé, Darren, and their two cats, CeCe and Marley.

Nate Comments that:
“Growing up in the shadow of Section 28 meant that, in my formulative years, I lacked the words to express how I was feeling about who I was, and there was no one like me around me. It was not until a Personal, Social and Health Education lesson in the late 90s that I heard a new word – homosexual. Suddenly, there was a word for how I felt. However, the way the lesson was delivered did not give me a positive feeling about my identity. Eventually, I found my own path, accepting my truth and have lived it to the best of my ability. It was this beginning to my journey that gave me the spark that would grow into the fire I have today.

When I joined JPMorgan Chase, I realised bringing my authentic self to work was not only good for my personal wellbeing, it was critical to my career growth. I am proud to work for an organisation that recognises the importance of diversity, equity and inclusion and works to make a difference to its employees, clients, customers, shareholders and communities.

I am privileged to have been supported and encouraged to lead in our LGBT+ agenda from the moment I joined the firm, be that as a volunteer or in a fully dedicated role. Every day, I leverage my lived experience in all its technicolour to empower, enable and encourage others to create sustainable, positive change for underserved and under-represented groups.

To be a 2022 Top 100 Gamechanger is a huge honour. I am joining so many inspirational people, as we stand on the shoulders of giants, to be visible role models to others. To show that it really does get better and, whilst we have much to do, together, nothing is impossible.”