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Lucy Devlin

Director, Loan Portfolio Advisory at Citi


Bio: Lucy has 15+ years’ experience in financial services and has worked in various roles at Citi including in risk assessment, loans, and acquisition finance and advisory for loan portfolio mitigation. She currently runs a team in London specialising in advising on strategies to hedge overall loan exposure, as well as working on ways to implement the company’s sustainability goals.

Lucy is the Bi+ rep for Citi London’s Pride employee network and took a lead in developing mentoring and reverse mentoring to drive diversity and inclusion within the company.

Lucy comments:
“It is so important to have visible and diverse role models and I am particularly keen to ensure nobody should feel like they have to hide their identity in the workplace. One day an intern told me that hearing how openly and casually I talked to my team about my wife made him feel safe to be himself in the office. That made me realise that those of us who can be out in the workplace, can really help others feel comfortable being themselves at work.”