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Jamie Lowe

Financial planner/ director at True Self Wealth Ltd


Jamie is a financial planner providing specialist help to the LGBTQ+ community. Wealth doesn't have to mean a lot of money, sometimes smaller amounts mean more. He is on a personal mission to encourage people to take charge of their finances.
As well as being a financial planner he is the founder of a social enterprise, Trans Support Hub, which runs clothes swaps and has an app which helps people to choose a private gender clinic in the UK. He also runs a business networking group in Manchester, Big Queer Business Meet-Up.
I have built a number of things into my processes. I’m careful about the language I use to be inclusive. For example, I ask pronouns and preferred names as a standard. If I’m talking about investments I discuss whether clients have a preference around ethical investments or if their religion means they have specific needs. I have worked with some of my third party providers to help them be more inclusive for my clients. I think about ways to make services as accessible as possible for anyone who might have physical needs so I do home visits, online visits or offer to meet people. People learn in a variety of different ways, some parts of financial advice can be complex. I’m gradually working on improving the ways I can communicate ideas; I have stories to tell, I like to explain things using drawings and some people would prefer to read material. I’m relatively new in my business, which is a small business, and I wish there were more hours in the day to make my process perfect for everybody. For me the most important thing is to focus on small continuous improvements in the ways I work.
Project 1000 allows LGBTQ+ people and allies to be visible. There is a lack of diversity in the financial services industry as a whole. We need to showcase the diverse people who are successful and happy. We need prove that it’s possible and other diverse will be welcomed with open arms.
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