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Jamie Lowe

Financial Planner at True Self Wealth Ltd


Jamie is a Financial Advisor at True Self Wealth and part runs the LGBQ+ Network for True Self Wealth in the North of England.
Jamie works closely together with the staff network across True Self Wealth to drive education around LGBT+ DE&I and is passionate about empowering trans people financially and globally.
Jamie comments that “I love to help the LGBTQ+ community because it's an area close to my heart. You don't have to be in it to be a client, but if you're in it we should definitely speak. I started my own transition in January 2021 and quickly found out how expensive it can be, which impacts other things like when people can retire and brings up questions like whether they can afford that new car or a deposit on a house. I am immensely proud to be the first financial planner in the UK specifically reaching out the trans community.”
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