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Charlie Clark

VP at Macquarie Group


Bio: Charlie is currently VP, Commodities and Global Markets at Macquarie Group. With 15 years’ experience in the investment banking industry, Charlie has amassed a wealth of experience and has often how the industry has evolved during that time, particularly for LGBT+ people. Charlie joined Macquarie in 2019 as an Associate. Since then, he has co-chaired Macquarie’s Pride Employee Network Group since 2020. Under his stewardship, the network has expanded to enable the network to increase visibility, partnering with other networks to serve the entire LGBTQ+ community and their allies. In 2022, the network received multiple awards and nominations, including being Highly Commended Network from Stonewall and shortlisted for top 10 network by Diva. In his role as co-chair, Charlie played a pivotal role in supporting Macquarie’s LGBT+ DE&I growth, which led the organisation to be named as the number one employer in the UK on the Stonewall Equality Index.

Charlie’s work within the LGBT+ community doesn’t stop in the workplace; he also volunteers for the BeYou Project, which provides young LGBT+ people with a safe space to socialise, have fun and support each other.

“We would all struggle to change the world single-handedly – but together with ongoing gentle pressure, and boldness when necessary, we are making the world better for not only ourselves, but for generations to come”