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David Wood

Senior Information Technology Project & Program Manager at B-FLEXION


Bio: David is currently the Senior Information Technology Program Manager at the Investment company B-Flexion. David has worked with a range of clients on investment strategy projects. Prior to this, David spent 18 years in Financial Services including banking with RBS PLC and more recently Investment companies running various change and program management initiatives.
Between April 2020 and April 2022, David also worked closely with the team at Redington, where he played a pivotal role not just in the delivery of multi-workstream transformation projects, but also in supporting Redington to enhance the structure and delivery of their I&D strategy, particularly as it related to LGBT+ issues. As a vocal and passionate advocate, David was able to empower Redington to explore a wider range of inclusion policies, ultimately resulting in the successful implementation of additional organisation-wide policies.
He has been an inspirational proponent of engaging with organisations like InterInvest and the Diversity Project. David is also a volunteer and fund raiser for the older LGBTQ+ community Charity Opening Doors.