LGBT+ Language & Terminology


Session Background

“I don’t want to get it wrong or offend anyone, so I won’t say anything”.

A common barrier to engagement in discussions around LGBT+ diversity and inclusion is the fear of “getting it wrong”. Whether this is due to a lack of available information or accidentally saying the wrong thing, many employees shy away from many LGBT+ and broader DE&I conversations. We are committed to helping our industry and members change this and fostering a safe environment for open dialogue, questions and mutual sharing. This session is designed as an introduction to LGBT+ language and terminology, is open to all levels. Through demystifying and debunking some of the myths around LGBT+ language and terminology - including that it is ok to get things wrong - we hope this will act as a catalyst for important and impactful positive dialogue for organisations moving forward. 

Join this Member-exclusive webinar with LGBT Great to explore these themes and explore an introduction to LGBT+ language and terminology. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Gain an understanding of the difference between sexual orientation and gender identity. 
  • Explore some of the words, phrases and terms you may encounter. 
  • Explore how microaggressions play out in the workplace (and the role that language plays in these). 
  • Boost confidence in having open conversations with your colleagues about LGBT+ DE&I 
  • Q&A 


The session draws on behavioural science and inclusion theory, which is brought to life through best practice examples and member testimonials. LGBT Great also offers the opportunity to highlight a member of your existing executive leadership team during the introduction of the session. The LGBT+ Language and Terminology session also draws heavily on polls and in-webinar chat functions to capture the most pressing questions to attendees in a safe and controlled environment. 

This helps to situate the session in the context of your organisation and enables us to support a visible sponsor or leader to engage directly with this conversation. A pre-session / debrief is offered to the executive prior to the final delivery.

Length: 45-60 minutes

Format: Zoom Webinar, PowerPoint Presentation with live Q&A, chat and live polling.

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