Diversity Data


Session Background

In April 2021, LGBT Great released the report, "Holding up the Mirror: Diversity Data in the Investment, Wealth Management and Savings Industry." In this session, we explore some of the key findings of this report, as well as the broader benefits of and barriers to diversity data collection.  

Join this Member-exclusive webinar with LGBT Great to explore these themes and some of the methodological aspects of effectively collecting and leveraging diversity data. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand the current industry landscape with respect to data colleciton. 
  • Understand the common barriers to successful implementation. 
  • Share and explore the key findings from LGBT Great's 2021 report. 
  • Share recommendations and next steps. 
  • Q&A 


The session draws on behavioural science and inclusion theory, which is brought to life through best practice examples and member testimonials. LGBT Great also offers the opportunity to highlight a member of your existing executive leadership team during the introduction of the session. This helps to situate the session in the context of your organisation and enables us to support a visible sponsor or leader to engage directly with this conversation. A pre-session / debrief is offered to the executive prior to the final delivery.

Length: 45-60 minutes

Format: Zoom Webinar, PowerPoint Presentation with live Q&A, chat and live polling.

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