What do our participants have to say?


LGBT Great has connected 350+ Mentees and Mentors across 40+ firms, spanning 12 countries

It is our mission is to create the largest community of accessible mentees and mentors within Financial and Professional Services. The programme works by connecting talent across different organisations and regions worldwide. Our mentoring programme is a tried and tested outreach tool created by LGBT Great to inspire LGBT+ talent and allies. 

Hear what our our Mentees and Mentors have to say




"My mentor is such a brilliant mentor. He has immediately helped me to set up a path towards achieving what I want to achieve and he is personable, experienced and emotionally intelligent. Thank you for setting up this for me - it will help me take my career to a new level.” LGBT Great Mentee

“My mentor is absolutely fantastic. I thoroughly enjoy discussing with him on a monthly basis & receive amazing advice and guidance. One of the best mentors I have had in terms of my career.” LGBT Great Mentee

"Mentoring provides a valuable opportunity for learning for both mentees and the mentors. The LGBT Great mentoring programme successfully connected me a mentee from another organisation and the experience has been highly rewarding. We had a very constructive relationship and I was able to act as a sounding board for some career decisions they were considering and help them think through their next steps. At the same time, my mentee was very open to sharing their experience of identifying as non-binary in the workplace – and always encouraged me to ask them questions, which really helped further my understanding of that community.” LGBT Great Mentor