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Alex Midha

Private Banker at Coutts


Alex joined Coutts in 2011, after graduating with both undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in French from the University of Oxford. As a Private Banker, Alex now specialises in meeting the financial needs of some of the wealthiest and most influential European families in the UK and on the continent. This could range from helping them buy their dream home, investing their wealth for the next generation, planning their tax affairs efficiently and/or developing a philanthropic strategy to leave a lasting legacy.

For three years, Alex also chaired the Coutts LGBT Network, and sat on the wider Coutts Diversity and Inclusion Council. Alex set three clear objectives: (a) to improve the working lives of and increase the representation of LGBT colleagues; (b) to make Coutts an even better environment for LGBT clients to bank with, and help them with their financial goals; and (c) to be mindful of and give back meaningfully to the wider LGBT community. From a standing start, Alex managed to deliver the following during these three years:

<li>"Hiring" a committee of energetic and willing volunteers, all with specific responsibility such as Events, Communications, Allies and Professional Development</li>
<li>Network growth, from 30 to 170 members (roughly 10% of Coutts' employees);</li>
<li>Company-wide briefings on LGBT aspects of people-management, the role of allies and Pride;</li>
<li>Annual fundraising for World AIDS Day, encouraging the entire business to participate;</li>
<li>Representation at Board level and advocacy of LGBT issues to the wider corporate governance framework.</li>

Outside of work, Alex enjoys running, swimming and playing tennis - he's also a keen linguist and speaks (to varying degrees!) French, German, Danish and Russian.
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