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Paul Wynne

Partner at Clever Advisor Technology


Bio: Paul is a marketing and communications specialist in the investment management industry and currently works for Clever Adviser Technology. As marketing director at Financial Express and Trustnet for almost 10 years, followed by 10 years as a director and partner with three agencies, Paul has worked with many UK and global asset management businesses, wealth managers and financial advice firms, helping them educate and inform the whole range of investors throughout the UK and Europe. Prior to this industry Paul was a researcher and producer for television documentary programmes and also worked for charities like the Red Cross. Originally from Australia and travelled extensively, Paul has witnessed a huge variety of intolerances.

He states: "I've always approached my work with integrity, honesty and dedication and I hope that's what businesses experience. But being comfortable and confident in myself and making this a part of my everyday life has been the biggest challenge by far. Perceptions and attitudes (and even laws!) have changed enormously during the last 20 years since I first came out and gradually I have found my own way of expressing myself through work, being authentic and happy. And a massive part of this is about feeling safe, secure and encouraged in a work environment.

"I appreciate more than ever that everyone is on their own journey of self-discovery. It would make me incredibly proud to know that I can help just a few people find that confidence to be their true self as early as possible in their careers. And as we all strive for better work-life balance, businesses need to ensure their people are happy in both."
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