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Constanze Sievers

Administrative Assistant at Capital Group


Bio: Constanze has been working in the investment industry at Capital Group for the past 12 years. Her major role is as an administrative assistant at Capital Group with European distribution support responsibilities. Prior to joining Capital, Constanze worked as an Event Manager at MCI Group and before that she held a similar position at Publicis Group in Hamburg, Germany. She started her career at the Marriott Hotel in Hamburg, Germany and is a fully qualified graduate for the hotel industry.

Coming from the relatively open and diverse hospitality industry, Constanze found a striking contrast with the financial industry and quickly realised that LGBT+ role models in this industry were few and far between. She reflected that Switzerland while on the right path still has some way to go when it comes to LGBT+ rights and she is very motivated to play a part in this developmental process. She notes that a lot has changed over the past few years and the drive to strengthen LGBT+ rights across all industries in Switzerland is gaining momentum.

Constanze was among one of first members of CG Pride, Capital Group's LGBT+ network and organised Capital's first-ever panel to interview a trans+ woman from the financial industry in Geneva. She truly believes in the importance of visibility. She believes in being a role model by being open and honest about herself and not hiding an important part of her life; to this end she has always been openly gay. She strives for an inclusive environment which allows people to feel safe, supported and that everyone can be themselves at work.